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Nuclear Throne is a game created by Vlambeer. I wasn't affiliated with original authors.

This open source recreation and Android port is based on Nuclear Throne u19, featuring everything from the final release of u99

Though there are a few of additional features:
- Achievements (ones from Steam version of the game)
- LAN Co-op multiplayer (unbearably unstable with poor network connection)
- Localization: Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Portuguese, Persian languages, and this list can be easily expanded by anyone
- Secret characters can be actually unlocked. The requirements are the same as for their achievement.
- Independent Daily and Weekly run system with different seeding and loadouts.
- PC save files can be converted to mobile ones (but not vice versa)
- An easier way to replace game resources (learn more from modding Discord)
- Recontinueable runs.

Join Nuclear Throne Mobile Discord Server to hangout and stay up-to-date.

* This application is completely free and  ad-free. This Itch.io page and Discord servers mentioned above are the only official sources of the project you can trust.

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